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Decorative Window Films

Decorative Window Films are an ideal way to add functionality and design to the built environment. Architects and Interior Designers depend on our wide selection of films to create privacy, deliver messages and even disguise unattractive building features while our exterior films can be used for a makeover while contributing towards a more energy efficient building.

Decorative Films: Services

Types of Decorative Window Films

Add a touch of style to your office space with our decorative window films. We make it simple to change for new styles and designs to bring out the designer in you. Enjoy a new look while still maintaining your privacy with our commercial decorative window films.

Looking to match etched or colored glass? Wanting to create a unique design that represents your company's branding message? Let the experts at TGT Group walk through your project, whether it be commercial and residential, to not only ensure the correct window film is being applied to the correct type of glass, but that you are aesthetically receiving the right look for your project. 

Our commercial decorative window films can not only replicate the look and feel of etched or frosted glass at a fraction of the price, they also add privacy and security to your windows, and can be wiped with conventional glass cleaners.

We represent the top window film manufacturer products to offer our clients the best value and specifications for their project.


Decorative Interior Window Films

Delivering enhanced functionality through interior design, our Decorative Interior Window Films provide visual privacy and deliver branding and graphics messages while providing UV protection to interior finishes and furnishings from sun damage and fading.

Decorative Interior Window Films are valued by architects and designers for their:

  • Over 500 options to choose from

  • Choose the right opacity to meet your privacy needs

  • Removable adhesive for easy installation & residue-free removal

  • 99% UV block protects interiors from sun damage & fading

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Decorative Exterior Window Films

Decorative Exterior Window Films delivering enhanced functionality through interior design but are applied to the exterior glass surface for a convenient, non-disruptive installation.

All Decorative Exterior Window Films provide:​

  • Heat rejection for enhanced comfort and reduced energy usage and cooling costs

  • Block 99+% UV reduces fading and damage from the sun

  • Bold makeover in strong colors for a dramatic exterior building appearance upgrade

  • Daytime privacy

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Custom Decorative Window Films

You've explored a variety of materials, textures, opacities, and designs, but you need a more specific details to meet you decorative window film needs. 

TGT Group can help oversee, create, and install custom decorative window films for your next commercial project! Standard stock decorative window films can be manipulated by texture, opacity, design, and color to create the perfect decorative window film you are looking for.  

While it may seem easy, the smallest details can impact the finished product for your project. The experts at TGT Group help meet those needs and pay attention to the smallest of details. 

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Decorative Films: Services

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