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It is important for our clients to know and understand the technology behind the films they are having installed. We only work with quality manufactured films that are guaranteed to meet your needs and exceed your standards. Check out the answers to some frequently asked questions below. For additional information, or to schedule an estimate, contact us today.

Film Technology – So what is the difference? 

  • Dyed – Polyester film is dyed with coloring agents to create different shades of film.

  • Metalized – Metalized films offer increased comfort by depositing heat rejecting metals that reflect the sun’s heat energy.

  • Nano – Nanotechnology is an application of nano-sized particles applied to polyester to absorb infrared heat.

  • Ceramic – Free of dye or metal, these films provide a neutral, non-reflective view while keeping out the heat and harmful UV rays.

How long will the film last? Is it covered under warranty?

This depends on the film type, glass type, window construction, orientation and geographical location of the building. All our films are covered by a warranty for some specified time depending on manufacturer and product line.

All residential installations are covered by a lifetime warranty as long as you own the house.  Commercial installations receive either a 10, 12 or 15-year warranty depending on manufacturer and product line.  There are some specialty films that have different terms; for example, exterior films are warranted for 5 years on vertical glass, 2 years on sloped glass; decorative films usually have 5-year coverage.

The warranty coverage is based on extensive internal testing and our years of experience in the field.  It is common that we see films last well beyond their warranties, sometimes as long as 15-20 years. We also offer a one-year labor warranty on all residential and commercial installations to ensure the highest quality of work is being received.

Will window film void my glass warranty?

Window film should not void your glass warranty, however, most glass companies void their warranty if you put any type of product on the glass, which is unfortunate. Because of this most of our manufacturers will warranty their products and the glass with a glass breakage and seal failure warranty.

Most manufacturers do offer an extended warranty that does coincide with the manufacturer’s standard warranty. Please check individual manufacturer’s warranty information for any questions or concerns.

It is also important to know what films can be applied to what type of glass – this is where we train our sales and installation experts on the latest industry information and on educational on all levels of glass-to-film applications.

Is window film applied on the inside or outside of the window?

Typically, we install window film on the interior of the building in most cases. In the case of interior office glass (i.e. conference rooms, glass office fronts, interior entrances) we will install the film from the inside of the rooms, unless it is otherwise noted by the architect, interior designer, general contractor, or client.

We also do offer a range of exterior window films for special circumstances (i.e. a wall was built over a window and needs to be covered). The exterior applied films can also give a quicker return on investment in energy savings within 9 to 18 months.

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All About The TGT Group

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For over 30 years, The TGT Group has been setting a standard for window films products and installations in Houston and surrounding cities, providing our clients with exceptional service and high quality films. Our attention to detail has allowed us to grow and incorporate more interior finished products for our clients. 

If you are looking for quality service, let one of our team members’ work with you to recommend you the best options for your project and assist you the entire process. We work around your schedule and business hours to assure a worry-free experience. Please let us know if you have any other questions and we will be happy to answer them for you!

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