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Solar Gard

Solar Gard is a global leader in patent-protected film technologies for solar control and surface protection across the automotive, residential and commercial industries.

As the Specialty Films Division of the global glass and building technology icon Saint-Gobain – a company whose 350-year legacy originated with the Hall of Mirrors in Paris’ Palace of Versailles – Solar Gard builds upon decades of work to offer proprietary solar control and safety film solutions.

The company’s product portfolio delivers unmatched results in enhancing and protecting vehicles, homes and buildings, and most importantly, the passengers, residents and tenants inside.


Panorama Elite

Solar Gard's best performing architectural products are available exclusively through an authorized Panorama Dealer. All Panorama window films maintain ambient light and the view you love while keeping you cool, comfortable, and well protected.

Panorama dealers commit to various types of continuing education – from technical training to business professionalism, putting them among the most knowledgeable in the industry. Utilizing exclusive Solar Gard tools such as custom performance calculations and enhanced warranties, Panorama dealers provide best-in-class experience.


3M Window Film

3M offers a long line of various window film products. So whether you’re looking for decorative window films, security window films, or solar window films, 3M has a solution. As a certified 3M window film installer, TGT Group can help you with any type of these installations.


Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison Architectural Window Films can improve the performance and transform the appearance of commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Major glazing system enhancements are available for both interior and exterior use, including solar protection and window safety applications.

Architectural and Automotive Window Films from Avery Dennison are designed to enhance and protect – with major benefits for both installers and end users. Whether you are transforming a car or a building, these materials give you maximum visual impact, important safety and comfort improvements, and reliable durability.


LG WinDeco & ARTCanvas

Using the industry’s most advanced technology, LG Hausys designs beautiful functional spaces with eco-friendly and sensible products that make up the greatest market share in their field.

With LG products, we aspire to provide best-in-class quality products and services with a focus on environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient innovative products. 


Solyx Decorative Films

Solyx is one of the largest companies specializing in the manufacturing of decorative window films. With one of the largest selection of decorative styles and designs, Solyx offers building owners freedom and versatility when it comes to designing the look of their space.

Specially designed to be used for interior glass applications, these window films offer a unique and creative way to add color and privacy to building interiors and are a stunning choice for decorative window tinting. And with so many attractive styles, colors, and finishes to choose from, Solyx Films can accomplish nearly any look or architectural need.


3M Fasara

3M™ Architectural and Glass Finishes can dramatically change the look of your interior and exterior décor. These decorative films are designed to enhance your space, whether you are looking to resurface counters, doors or walls or add style, branding and privacy to glass. We are your design film experts.

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LG Hausys BENIF Interior Film is designed for flat lamination and profile wrapping. With its special self-adhesive treatment, interior film is easy to apply not only on flat surface but also on irregular surface, saving time and cost. here is truly something for every application you can dream of.

As architects and designers reach new heights through discovery of innovation for buildings and upgrades, the sky continues to be the limit for these films. The possibilities for installation are endless, with options to cover walls, glass, furniture, doors, create wood look beams and more!



The DI-NOC line of products offers like-real architectural films. So if you’re searching for a way to bring wood, metal, stone, or other similar architectural elements to your interior design, look no further than DI-NOC by 3M. 3M DI-NOC film is also an ideal way to refinish and resurface existing architectural surfaces at a fraction of the cost.

3M DI-NOC architectural finishes bring together innovative design and eco-friendly composition, helping you capture a desired finish in an easy and affordable solution. With over 500 designs to explore, 3M DI-NOC vinyl wrap films offer many styles and aesthetics. From glossy black carbon fiber to mahogany wood grain, 3M DI-NOC architectural finishes can transform the mood of your space with added functionality.



As both an architectural film and a decorative film, Belbien vinyl finishes are a great option for revamping existing surfaces, such as worn out or outdated pressure laminates. But instead of replacing these surfaces entirely, Belbien vinyl films can be applied over old surfaces, providing a convenient and affordable upgrade.

Compared to other architectural finishes and decorative films, Belbien applications are very unique. Belbien film is installed using a pressure sensitive adhesive which is different from most laminates and wall coverings. For this reason, it’s highly recommended that Belbien vinyl finishes are applied by trained and experienced installers to help ensure an optimal finished product.


Avery Dennison Graphics

Avery Dennison sets the industry standard in vinyl graphic design and automotive wrap graphics worldwide. From architectural design to vehicle wraps and fleets, our graphic solutions promote creativity and deliver the highest performance for your brand.

Take a walk on the wild side with Avery Dennison’s Graphics Solutions to learn about the latest trends and technology. Whether creating corporate brand standards, re-launching a brand, or how to wrap a car, our industry experts will help you succeed.

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Casper by DesignTex

Casper Cloaking Technology by Designtex is an architectural film which distorts digital screens. Put differently, this film makes it so screens cannot be viewed by someone looking in through the film. This is ideal for businesses where confidentiality is key.

TGT Group is a certified and preferred dealer for Casper Cloaking Technology by Designtex. Visit DesignTex for more information on how Casper Cloaking Technology by Designtex works.


National Solutions

At National, we are guided by our vision of making the world a more beautiful and sustainable place through commercial interior and exterior products. From wallcovering, wood and acoustic to dry erase, digital and upholstery, National has the solutions that flow from inside to outside with grace, style and performance.

Product Line Offerings: National Wallcovering, Wood Veneer, Window Film, Dry Erase, Acoustic, Textiles, Specialty, and Digital. 

Manufacturers: Clients
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